Head Case 5

Some people will no doubt find blowjob videos that aren’t followed up by additional sex a tad bland, but personally I love a good POV blowjob scene. I’ve previously reviewed one of the movies from the excellent Blow Me Sandwich series (now consisting of 13 DVDs, the last three available in HD from ZTOD), but Third Movies (part of the same small DVD download network) has a few blowjob series as well,… Read More

Blow Me Sandwich 6

It’s not all that often that I watch pure blowjob videos without additional sex, preferably anal these days, but I have been through most of the excellent Blow Me Sandwich series from Zero Tolerance over the last two years or so. There are ten DVDs in the series (AEBN has all of them – some of them only as downloads though, ZTOD the first nine and VideoBox and Adult Rated have a… Read More